Thursday, July 17, 2008

Houston Chronicle: Negotiations Fail On Blue Ridge Landfill In Missouri City & Fresno

Opponents of landfill expansion continue fight after negotiations fail

Houston Chronicle

Opponents of a landfill expansion plan in east Fort Bend County are continuing their fight after negotiations failed with the project’s proponent for a settlement.

“We have reached an impasse,” said Richard Morrison, attorney for the resident group, Coalition Against Blue Ridge Landfill Expansion. “However, one thing that both parties agreed to is to file a motion with the state for an extension of time.” the title link for the full story.

MCC comment:

This is the landfill expansion plan that will allow BRL to grow to nearly 20 stories. Agreements with company officials by our county commissioners and city council officials in Missouri City keep those government officials from becoming involved in the opposition in return for "tipping fees".

Keep up the efforts Mr. Morrison and CABRLE!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Recent blog comments on this issue:

Not in my backyard. A stance people have taken with regard to disposal of trash as long as there has been trash.

Someday this trash problems will become so in our faces that serious recyclying will be the only way to deal with it. Right now we are still in the pile it up and look the other way mode of dealing with the problem.

Posted by: craig at July 14, 2008 10:01 PM

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Good point Craig. As everyone knows this mound is expected to reach nearly 20 stories high, the largest of its size in the Houston area. It could even block our weather radar. This plan was originally for cost containment for the company but local activist from dozens of neighborhoods were able to unite and get the word out. A hearing will be coming up soon in state court with behind the scene talks going on right now with the involved groups. We will share more as this progresses.

I think it should be mentioned that the current FB county commissioners and MC mayor and some of their long standing council members agreed not to oppose this record expansion near Missouri City/Fresno via "tipping fees". Even with our elected officials letting us down we were able to get this into state review.

"If an Allied-Republic intergration occurs, it could mean that opponents of the landfill expansion plan will face a corporate giant."

-As if Allied Waste wasn't big enough. Go CABRLE!

A big congratulations to all those who have worked so hard for this!

Posted by: Chris Calvin, Ph.D. at July 15, 2008 09:24 AM

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I sure hope the new company merger decides against continuing this proposal.

Posted by: NMT at July 15, 2008 09:27 AM

This is quite a merger.

Posted by: tellmemore at July 15, 2008 10:11 AM

CABRLE needs your public support, to see where justice stands today. Please attend these CABRLE meetings an give your support to prohibt sellouts.

Under sixty days for a sollution to be made?

Where does religious members stand, do they support to protect public health or do church an members prefer/want more tipping fees from large polluters?

Posted by: BE AWARE at July 15, 2008 02:00 PM

Public meeting are at the Hunters Glen community center on Hunters Parkway just north off FM 2234 at 7 pm

Posted by: BE AWARE at July 15, 2008 02:03 PM

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go CABRLE! We support you all the way.

Posted by: NMT at July 16, 2008 04:53 AM

It's good to hear there is a candidate running this November against the organization that has endorsed this expansion. Please get out and support Mr. Morrison in the pct. 1 commissioner race.

Posted by: Voterapathy at July 16, 2008 06:58 AM

We've has enough of Houston's dumping in Fort Bend County. Take the trash some place else!

Posted by: GarBageMaN at July 16, 2008 08:33 AM

A hot check written for cash is the same as a TCEQ permit provide to these large polluters.

So the final court opinion made at the TCEQ court hearing against the Blue Ridge landfill will prove the type of leadership Ft. Bend Pct. 1 will respect or not?

Cand. Richard Morrisson(attor.) is CABRLE leader to protect our public environment against the one of the nations largest polluter with a serious bad smell.

CABLE is going for the victory for the public, but CABLE need more public support to fund the victory, prohibitting any sell outs.

Posted by: Pct#1 Voter at July 16, 2008 08:17 PM

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to see a more concerted effort by our politicians to stop the catering to the special interest.

6:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do we have any updates on this situation?

8:56 AM  
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