Tuesday, August 11, 2009

FBN Covers FBISD Tax Hearing & Budget Crisis--

See these separate pieces:



http://www.fortbendnow.com/2009/08/11/39478 (Jenney & board point the finger)


"...All of the speakers spoke against having their property taxes raised.

One of the them, Michael Lee, spelled out his objections to the proposed tax increase in the form of a “write of remonstrance” that carried signatures Lee said totaled 525, and called for the resignation of all FBISD Board trustees.

As did others, Lee tied his objections to a tax hike to the science center.

The board of trustees made explicit and repeated representations to the taxpayers and the citizens of Fort Bend that spending on the Global Science and Technology Center was in the best interests of the taxpayers of Fort Bend,” Lee said, reading from his “writ.”

“The board of trustees made explicit and repeated representations to the taxpayers of Fort Bend that the resources of the Fort Bend Independent School District were sufficient to pay for the Global Science and Technology Center,” Lee said.

“In direct contradiction to those explicit repeated representations and assurances, and with a recession facing the taxpayers, the board of trustees is now asking for a 3.5-cent increase in the property tax rate,” Lee said, reading from his document.

After reading from his statement, Lee passed out copies of the document to each board member, including individual pre-formatted “resignation” letters, which board members ignored...." FBN

FBW comment: Actually two of the trustees thanked Mr. Lee when he handed them the "writ" which really constitutes a vote of no confidence.

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Question: Do you trust Allen Owen, mayor of Missouri City, TX, to represent you rather than his Houston corporate backers?




3%  participating said yes  (n20)


91%  participating said no  (n573)


6%  participating responded not sure  (n39)


(N) sample =  632


Stay tuned as more surveys for coming elections are posted!

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