Monday, January 10, 2011

FBN: Delay Sentenced To Prison

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This opinion piece showed up on FBN from a local city council member and long-time conservative reformer Tom Hilton:

"It’s about time that some of these fat cats get their just desserts.

DeLay (mis)appropriated $500,000 of our taxpayer monies to pay for a sham of a “Feasibility Study” back in 2003 to look at the supposed feasibility of Fort Bend County purchasing Houston SW Airport. There was NEVER any other airport to be considered from the gitgo, and the whole study was a massive waste of tax dollars. County Judge Hebert and Commissioner Stavinoha were right in the middle of this scam, and were poised to spend another $56 MILLION of Fort Bend County taxpayer monies for an airport that was not wanted nor needed (remember Sugar Land Regional)?

Today I read in the Chronicle that Judge Hebert sent a letter to Judge Priest saying how much good DeLay did while in office in an effort to reduce DeLay’s sentence.

Judge Hebert, have you no shame?

Remember Judge, that our justice system might take a while to get around to it, but it still works, as evidenced by DeLay’s sentencing today. If a really big fat cat such as DeLay can get caught, so can some of the smaller fat cats.

Tom Hilton
Arcola, Texas"




Question: Do you trust Allen Owen, mayor of Missouri City, TX, to represent you rather than his Houston corporate backers?




3%  participating said yes  (n20)


91%  participating said no  (n573)


6%  participating responded not sure  (n39)


(N) sample =  632


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