Monday, March 31, 2008

Are County, Developers & GFBCEDC Officials Still Pushing For An East FBC Airport Expansion Over Sienna & Surrounding Areas Near Arcola/Missouri City?

FB Star Report:
Arcola official questions county’s commitment to McKeever Road

By Cheryl Skinner

Arcola City Councilman Tom Hilton has long felt there is a problem with the way Fort Bend County handles planned improvements to McKeever Road. He feels the county is catering to the wishes of a private airport owner who owns property adjacent to the road. The county, on the other hand, says they will do maintenance to the road but are stymied because Hilton is delaying the process.

Both the city of Arcola and Fort Bend County agree that the road needs improvements and the county has delegated funds from a previous bond referendum, which at the time voters agreed to the bond issue suggested that a major revamping of McKeever would be done with the Texas Department of Transportation picking up 90% of the costs and Fort Bend County paying 10% or $4 million.

The plan never came to fruition because TxDOT showed no interest and did not have the funds. That left Fort Bend County with the $4 million in funding set aside for the Arcola project. And a portion of that amount is what the county says will be used to upgrade McKeever if the two entities can come to a mutual agreement.

Arcola has asked to see the county’s design plans on the project before they give the OK for the work to begin. The county says there is no design plan to see because this is not a major renovation. The project falls instead under “maintenance” and naturally there is no design plan for the various county maintenance projects. . . click the title link for the full story or see additional updated links below on this on-going controversy:

We will update this as news comes in! If you live in the Sienna Plantation or any of the dozens of surrounding communities this ongoing issue directly impacts your home and property values. Consider endorsing and supporting Mr. Richard Morrison for county commissioner pct. 1, who will work with local officials to stop these projects that hurt your home and property values, along with your health and quality of life. Tom Stavinhoa and Bob Hebert have gone on record as supporting this GFBCEDC backed airport expansion.




Question: Do you trust Allen Owen, mayor of Missouri City, TX, to represent you rather than his Houston corporate backers?




3%  participating said yes  (n20)


91%  participating said no  (n573)


6%  participating responded not sure  (n39)


(N) sample =  632


Stay tuned as more surveys for coming elections are posted!

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