Thursday, March 27, 2008

Poats, Tunstall & Pinnock Challenge Entrenched Special Interest At Missouri City Hall

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Local blog comments:

« Muckraker wrote on Wednesday, Mar 26 at 02:29 PM »
and when is paying your property taxes, sales taxes, school taxes, etc.. (some of the highest in the county) taking the money and leaving? You seem to keep forgetting that he lives with his family and most of his clients are in MC. He also doesn’t accept the out of area campaign finances from the developers who are taking money out:

For everyone:

Campaign Contributions (Public Record)-

Political Contributors To

Mayor Allen Owen


(Developers in order of giving)


1. Clinton Wong (Land Development Co.)

2. Larry Johnson (Land Development Co.)

3. Paris Schindler (Land Development Co.)

4. Rocky Lai (Land Development Co.)

5. Larry Wong (Land Development Co.)

6. Bob Perry (Land Developer)

7. Jim & Sandy MacNaughton (Land Developer)

8. Pat Cagle (Land Developer)

9. Thomas Cagle (Land Developer)

10. E. Blake Hawk (Land Developer)

11. Scott Reamer (Land Developer)

12. R.E. Reamer (Land Developer)

13. S. Jay Williams (Land Developer)

14. Eugene Arensberg, Jr. (Land Developer)

FBN piece on the politics of land development: =&open=&
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Wednesday, Mar 26 at 02:29 PM »
He’s a candidate and its a fair question. Is it ok if a VOTER and a RESIDENT of MC ask a candidate a question? MYOB…again
« Muckraker wrote on Wednesday, Mar 26 at 02:26 PM »
Again your ever redundant question. When are you going to ask it of all the residents who commute “jbb” into Houston from MC?

Click here for new ideas and leadership
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Wednesday, Mar 26 at 02:03 PM »
“all businesses are in it to make money – or are they coming in to extract money and leave?”

Will Mr Poats move his business back into MC, or did he just extract money and leave as he seems to be accusing others of doing.

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


« Muckraker wrote on Wednesday, Mar 26 at 03:11 PM »
How if he is paying some of the highest property taxes for his home in FBC? You see a simple lessen in economics would prove you wrong. Since most MC taxpayers commute to work and earn their money and then bring it back and spend it here, then how is he removing it? You need to answer some questions now…

“Being you’re not a resident of MC or a VOTER, I have to wonder why?”

Being a first time poster here, apparently, you claim to know me and other posters here for some reason? Obviously you are the pol consultant for Owen? You need to answer some questions since you continue with this paid message of yours? It isn’t even an issue since most of the city commutes. Are you worried about his 2 mile commute? Why haven’t YOU called him to ask? Are you really concerned about the response?

No, I know very well what you are trying to do and that is divert from the real issues. Many businesses have moved from the area and the TX Pkwy area under your mentor Owen….you will have to do better than this, I’m disappointed in your initial efforts (try harder)...

For others interested in the real issues click here:
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Wednesday, Mar 26 at 02:39 PM »
Poats isn’t talking about residences, he said “all businesses are in it to make money – or are they coming in to extract money and leave?”

isn’t that what he did?

MY question is will he move back and why doesn’t he move to Texas Parkway/Cartwright Rd for some reason that irritates you. Being you’re not a resident of MC or a VOTER, I have to wonder why?
« Muckraker wrote on Wednesday, Mar 26 at 02:34 PM »
These are open forums and the mayors personal trolls need to be outed as you have been. How much is he paying you to represent him or are you he? Because, if this is the best you can do, it is a non-issue as already responded too earlier. Why don’t you go call like you were given the opportunity to earlier (the answer is because you are either a consultant, troll, or him trying to create an issues, which isn’t). As you were told before many small businesses have been driven out of the city under this administration and other candidates work outside of the city too, but you don’t address them….too obvious!

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

« Muckraker wrote on Wednesday, Mar 26 at 05:37 PM »
No TR it’s wf again just with a new mask. Who else makes lame statements and taunts like his? Welcome back wf, better change you login again and make sure no one finds out you are a tax and spend neo-con (pro corporate welfare king)...

Click here to jsut say NO to wf/now JBB. . . ; }
« TexasRose wrote on Wednesday, Mar 26 at 04:40 PM »
_“Yoohoo taxconcerns is that you”? I can’t bare it anylonger….
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Wednesday, Mar 26 at 03:41 PM »
see my second post, or perhaps have someone explain what it means.

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

« Muckraker wrote on Thursday, Mar 27 at 05:17 AM »

Your support of term limits is right on, but your misinterpretation of Mr. Poats goals miss the mark completely. He isn’t saying neglect the growth on hwy 6. He is against using city tax dollars to develop the ETJ areas (building the developers roads and infrastructure). In January Owen and clan added a 3rd TIRZ for developers. This along with bonds earmarked to put in the roads and other infrastructure is the mistake. State law requires them the big development companies to do this and this area is NOT in the city. Do you like building other peoples companies and giving them your tax dollars and future bond debt to do it? No one will stop the development. The concern is do you strip older areas to help private companies make a profit in the undeveloped areas. It’s no coincidence that many of these same large development companies are on his campaign disclosure reports. Owen has voted in many projects and not recused himself. He has standing ethics complaints for this against him. Too many conflicts exist and the tax burden (the highest in FBC) does not need to be shifted to the current homeowners…
« FBEast wrote on Wednesday, Mar 26 at 09:28 PM »
I also wanted to add Mr. Poats should hit Owen hard on Quail Valley. That’s a point that will resonate with voters. But if he is merely focused on the ETJ and reviving the Texas Parkway corridor, he will lose again. He won’t get the Missouri City vote west of Murphy. Those people would prefer to shop on Highway 6. Why do you think Palais Royale closed down on Murphy and moved to Highway 6.
« FBEast wrote on Wednesday, Mar 26 at 09:24 PM »
I think Mr. Poats has a failed strategy. Yes, Missouri City can’t turn its back on the Cartwright/Texas Parkway corridor but its future still is going to depend largely on the southern boundaries of the ETJ.

I agree with him that term limits are needed but the only way Missouri City can compete with Sugar Land is to continue to attract new residents to the areas along Highway 6. Residents and businesses have different goals; folks aren’t moving into Sienna because they’re trying to get Missouri City tax money poured into that area. They’re moving there because it’s a pretty area that is good for families and commuters.

Sugar Land is moving towards gridlock. Missouri City is still in a good position because it has multiple access roads into town.
« joeschmoe wrote on Wednesday, Mar 26 at 05:44 PM »
I personally dont care where Mr Poats has his office.. reasons are probably endless but thats no bodys business but his. He lives and pays taxes in Missouri City Tx and thats all that should matter to anyone but someone with an agenda. I have talked to many business owners and the cities endless list of ordinances and rules usually keep businesses out and the fact that taxes are probably higher (not sure but Id bet they are higher than Sugar Land or Stafford) would keep me out too. Its hard enough to get contractors and realtors to do business here, I cant imagine how a small business owner could muddle through the city mess. Realtors hate Misery city,, contractors hate Missouri City,,, Just talk to them..
« Muckraker wrote on Wednesday, Mar 26 at 05:40 PM »
Oh, btw wf/”jbb” read an explain my second post or let me know and I can refer you to a good tutor. . .(defend those special interest, go wf!)...

Learn from diverse sources what is going on in MC (you too wf, just click here)

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

« Muckraker wrote on Thursday, Mar 27 at 08:50 AM »
BTW, you need to get off your duff and walk about 2000 homes to catch-up….get going quick “wf’...
« Muckraker wrote on Thursday, Mar 27 at 08:49 AM »
No “wf”/”jbb” I’m a volunteer in the truest sense. We are block-walking, calling, e-mailing, campaigning for people WE trust and who haven’t lied to us repeatedly over the years. Now you need to talk about your appointed roles for developers and the entrenched special interest and you can stop changing your login (since it isn’t allowed)...

The rest can get the background here:

Background, click here
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Thursday, Mar 27 at 08:09 AM »
Ahh a “Poats operative” arriving for his daily rant.
« TexasRose wrote on Thursday, Mar 27 at 07:42 AM »
“Come clean now….”

Say, I’m e_”special”_lly interested: let’s talk about my course of actions! GWGC nature pond has always leaked. I sat in on it. (HOA BOD mtg)

So, what did WE do? Negotiate with the City of Sugar Land! Can’t we just all get all along?!
« Muckraker wrote on Thursday, Mar 27 at 07:24 AM »
I fully supported him in ‘06, what makes you think I won’t support him now. You see as you well know “wf”/”jbb”, since your rhetoric never changes, most know you are one of his sheeple, doing exactly what you are told and when you are told to do it. But I do appreciate you working so hard for him. I would like to know if he is compensating you in any way? Has he appointed you to any boards or paid committees? Are you involved with the Oberg-PAC or the PAC bundling that he uses with himself and others on council to protect the special interest and all the non-bid contracts the city is involved with??? Come clean now, no more secrets “wf”/”jbb”...

Help stop the special interest in the most highly taxed city in FBC
« JohnBernardBooks wrote on Thursday, Mar 27 at 06:25 AM »
Muckraker will you vote for Mr Poats in MC’s mayoral election?

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Kevin!

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