Wednesday, December 31, 2008

JUST IN: Does Chief County Judge Bob Hebert Have Any Recognized College Degrees?

From the FB Star on former GFBCEDC V.P. and current chief county judge Bob Hebert:

Are you smarter than a county judge.....I don’t know if you have heard of the imbroglio involving County Judge Bob Hebert’s doctoral degree. Since almost every political pundit in Fort Bend County has weighed in on the situation, I suppose it must be my turn (and, maybe, hopefully, the last word).

Several months ago, Hebert was ambushed by a television news reporter that told him his doctoral degree from California Coast University was ruled a “diploma mill” degree by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and it was a Class B misdemeanor to claim it to obtain an office. . .

But Hebert thought he and some of his peers had been wronged so they sued the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to have their degrees declared legal.

After a judge found it was indeed a degree, Hebert issued a press release, and rehung his sheepskin, or xeroxed degree as it were.

In the ensuing hubbub, it was discovered that Hebert really only had a degree from South Texas Junior College and all the other degrees he had received were from institutions which accepted older students with life and management experience rather than undergraduate degrees. Institutions such as the University of Texas School of Business Advanced Management and Pepperdine University Graduate School (these are extension degree programs). . . (click the link above for the full text)..

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