Sunday, February 13, 2011

Houston Chronicle (FB section): TXHB 879 Is An Outrage

Just-in from the Houston chronicle fort bend section:

(HJR 79 sponsored by Charlie Howard)

Rodrigo Carreon
Fresno, TX

As a long time resident of fort bend county, and community activist, I have long been criticized for my attempts to go before local taxing entities and bring to the attention of the public issues related to “taxpayer abuse”. Normally I’m not speaking of the large Houston development company interests that seem to dominate our local politics and the taxes they do or often don’t pay, but the average, independent home and property owners like you and I. Those that have made our county their home and have invested heavily in their properties and families here. This is why I felt it so important to speak up now on house bill 879 (HJR 79) sponsored by one of our local state representatives who often claims to be a “conservative”.

Mr. Charlie Howard has authored a bill that gains little press at the moment but certainly should. In it he is asking state legislatures to pass a constitutional amendment that would allow them to raise our ad valorem taxes as high as 105% per year (yes per year!). This should be an outrage to every homeowner since the bill is only targeted to single-family homes in Texas.

Let’s look at what this could mean. Already appraisal caps are in place at a much lower percent in the single digits. Why is Mr. Howard attempting to establish a ridiculously higher cap on appraised values? Does he think the wording is fooling anyone? Is it some off beat way to grab more from us now that the state is experiencing another large deficit? Why would anyone propose such a bill, especially someone claiming the mantle of “friend of the taxpayer”?

I’m sorry Mr. Howard, the government gets enough of our money already. It is time for our elected officials to start representing our interests and not their own and to stop spending like drunken sailors when times are good.




Question: Do you trust Allen Owen, mayor of Missouri City, TX, to represent you rather than his Houston corporate backers?




3%  participating said yes  (n20)


91%  participating said no  (n573)


6%  participating responded not sure  (n39)


(N) sample =  632


Stay tuned as more surveys for coming elections are posted!

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